To get pregnant you have to know when you're ovulating...and this is easier said than done when you have PCOS.  So this is exactly what we teach you, along with all the other essential parts of getting pregnant. 

68% of us think we know when we're ovulating....but only 13%
of us actually do*
And that's because we've never been taught this.  But even worse, in your attempt to conceive no-one will ever sit down and work out if you're timing correctly.  You'll just get told to 'keep trying' for a year and then shipped off to IVF.

Because we love a pun as much as we love helping you get pregnant 
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One thing that is so often missed, is making sure that you’re timing sex within your fertile window. 

Your fertile window are the 1-5  days around ovulation and these are the only days when you can conceive in a cycle.

The tricky part is finding these days, as they can change from month to month, even if you have a regular cycle.  Ovulation test kits aren't accurate in PCOS because they miss the spike, or report a false positive especially in PCOS.  Additionally, apps that predict ovulation very rarely get it right (especially in PCOS) because they make an assumption that you ovulate on day 14.


Preconception care is woefully inadequate, globally.  There is a huge push to get women pregnant, but little done to ensure you have a healthy pregnancy and a healthy baby.  If your real goal is to have a healthy pregnancy and a healthy baby there are a few things you need to be doing while you're trying to conceive.  We teach you how to pick the best prenatal supplement, what to get your doctor to check before you conceive and how to check and improve your partners sperm quality.

We also give you the information you need for when you do conceive, especially about the conditions us PCOSers and at greater risk of.

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You don't even have to have a regular period. 

​​​​​​​It can be 30, 40 or 50 days apart and we can still help you identify your fertile window
How exactly does this program work and what's included?
Module 1: Detecting your Fertile Window

This module takes you through the essential information you need to detect the days of your cycle that you're actually fertile.  This is designed in a way that you start charting immediately, you don't have to wait until your period.

Module breakdown:

  • Day 1: What is the Fertility Awareness Method
  • Day 2: Why can't we just use apps and ovulation test kits
  • Day 3: Basal Body Temperature charting
  • Day 4: Cervical fluid charting
  • Day 5: Finding your 'fertile window'
  • Day 6: The number of timed cycles you need to conceive
  • Day 7: Detecting issues within your cycle
We've also recorded over 20 FAQs for you that cover everything from the science behind the method you're learning, to whether you need to lie in bed after sex.
Module 2: Preparing for Conception

The second module takes you through the essential things to do while you're finding your fertile window and trying to conceive. There are so many inferior prenatal supplements on the market (sadly even those recommended by medical professionals), so getting the right advice before conception is critical for your and your babies health.

Module breakdown: 

  • Day 8: Choosing the right prenatal vitamin
  • Day 9: Getting an sperm analysis and the optimal sperm parameters 
  • Day 10: Improving sperm quality
  • Day 11: Essential pre conception exercises
  • Day 12: BONUS: Get a preconception checkup
Module 3: PCOS specifics for when you conceve
Having PCOS can mean that you're at greater risk of some pregnancy complications, many of which your doctor won't realise. So knowing what to ask your doctor for can be the difference between having a healthy pregnancy and a healthy baby, or not. 
  • Day 13: Miscarriage: get a progesterone test
  • Day 14: Reducing your risk of developing gestational diabetes 
  • Day 15: Reducing your risk of developing preeclampsia
  • BONUS: supplements during pregnancy 
We give you all this information and then you choose what support you want:

  - Do you want to do it yourself or

- Do you want 2 x 30 minute private consultations to ensure you're interpreting your cycles correctly.   

 I'm a medical doctor and I had wrongly thought I ovulated on day 14. The program opened my eyes to fact that fertile window could be different to what I’d predicted. Suffice to say soon after we conceived! I am now 19 weeks pregnant.

We are ecstatic as had been told we’d need fertility treatment. Our first daughter was conceived with IUI.

I am a GP in England and will definitely be using what I learned to give more hope to my patients with PCOS

Medical Doctor (GP), UK

This program was so helpful in confirming when I was fertile and I conceived the first time I ovulated. This was pretty amazing considering it took me three years to conceive my first. 

There is so much information online about charting your temperature and cervical fluid, but having a trained educator there to help you interpret your cycles and say "yes, you've interpreted your cycles perfectly" was the most important thing for me to stop second guessing myself.

But that's just the start. Deciding to have a baby, trying, failing, trying, having the baby, and all the things that can happen a long the way, it’s an emotional, personal and lonely journey. When you choose to involve someone else in that journey, it needs to be someone who understands, who can support you, empower you and give you knowledge to get where you want to be. I chose Clare to do that, and I definitely made the right choice.


Clare Goodwin, specialises in PCOS and is a Registered Nutritionist, Exercise Scientist and Certified trained teacher in Natural Fertility Education.

After years helping women with PCOS get their periods back and start ovulating again, Clare was baffled why some of them still weren't able to conceive.  So she started working more intensively with these patients- looking for other reasons that might be causing the 'infertility'.  After investigating potential autoimmune conditions, sending them for sperm analysis, and internal investigations, she stumbled across a research paper that showed that only 13% of women could accurately identify their fertile window.

Clare started questioning her patients about their knowledge, and sure enough found that almost none of them couldn't identify this window accurately.  So Clare went onto complete her qualifications to become a trained teacher in Natural Fertility education to create this course and to be on hand to look over your charts and help you to identify your fertile window.

Ashly is a degree qualified Nutritionist, Naturopath specialising in fertility and an accredited Fertility Educator through NFNZ. 

Like Clare, Ashly realised that so many of her fertility patients didn't have the knowledge to detect their fertile window.  So Ashly went on get accredited as a fertility educator through NFNZ and has extensive experience working with patients. 

Ashly is going to be helping you in the forum and Q&A sessions understand your charts.  She is super passionate about helping you understand your signs and symptoms with a few laughs added in the mix. 

Before signing up, please make sure that you're getting a period.  It doesn't matter if that's 20, 30, 40 or 50 days long, but you must be getting something. 

*The DIY membership includes 12 months access to all the video modules and PDF guides inside your own online membership site, but with no support from the fertility educators to ask questions.


*The Full Support membership includes 12 months access to all the video modules and PDF guides inside your own online membership site, PLUS 2 x 30 minute 1:1 private consultation to help you interpret your cycles

JOIN NOW for $199
JOIN NOW for $499
Frequently Asked Questions

What's the difference between the DIY and Full Support options?

Both options give you access to all the modules including the videos, PDFs, and quizes. The  only difference is that in the DIY option, you're going it alone, whereas in the full support option you have the eggducators there in your 2 x 30 minute 1:1 consultations where we'll go through your cycle with you and make sure you understand everything.  Does that clarify it for you?  If not, feel free to drop us a line on and we're more than happy to answer any questions. 

Can't I just use ovulation test kits?
Nope, not if you have PCOS.  These kits measure the amount of Luteinising Hormone (LH), your ovulation hormones.  But in PCOS we have too much LH, so the test kits wither don't detect the spike or give us a false positive.  Clearblue is the market leader in LH ovulation predictor kits and their own literature  even states the following: “Certain medical conditions and medications can adversely affect the performance of theClearblue Fertility Monitor. If you have menopausal symptoms, polycystic ovarian syndrome, impaired liver or kidney function,… may get misleading results.” 

Can't I just use an app to tell me when I'm ovulating? 

Apps can be a great way of recording and keeping track of your BBT and cervical fluid, but they can’t accurately tell you when your fertile window is, especially if you’re only recording the days of your period! These apps us a computer algorithm to determine when you're leading up to ovulation, however these are only about 60% accurate for 'normal' cycles, let alone PCOS irregular cycles.  Additionally, they can't tell you if your luteal phase is sufficient to have a viable pregnancy.   

If I choose the 'Full Support' program, how do I book my 1:1 consult?
It's easy, we send you an email with a link to book a time that suits you.  When it's time for your appointment, you click the link and are automatically video linked to your Eggducator.  Video calls are great because we can share our screens so we're both looking at the same data.   We generally recommend you do your consult after your first complete cycle so that you have something to interpret.  

I want to do this but I'm super busy- will I have time?
We've structured the program with you in mind. The videos are short and sweet (i.e. less then 10 minutes a day (or you can binge them all in one), only giving you exactly the information you need to get charting.  Then if you need any extra information it's all in the FAQ PDFs and videos.  You don't need to sit through an hour lecture to get the 5 minute nugget you need.  Then you just need a few minutes a day to actually chart your cycles (but you need to do this to conceive anyway so that's a non negotiable). 

What's your refund policy?
This course is for women who seriously want to get Eggducated.  We give you access to all of the modules and associated videos, PDFs, charts and quizes from the first day you sign up.  As such, no refunds will be given once you've purchased and accessed the course content.  If you're not sure if we're the right people to eggducate you, have a listen to our podcast, read some of our articles at The PCOS Nutritionist first. 
Got a question? Don't be scared to drop us a line at